Based on Binance Smart Chain, CryptoBerry is here to raise the digital world in such a way that it is going to rebuild the cognitive ability and perception about Cryptocurrency.

CryptoBerry is to cast forth an idea of building a community which will use CryptoBerry wallets to hold, share and transfer the token as it costs zero transfer tax.

Taking into account, how paramount count of people in the cosmos is totally unaware of this Crypto Community, which will metamorphose the universe outright, we are here to take an additional step to reach the general crowd.

It is going to become a mode of investment, earning profit, holding tokens in CryptoBerry wallet and much more in the minimal gas fee.

Set Slippage Tolerance 12%*

Buy on PancakeSwap now!

Lock your time for Launch

CryptoBerry is going fair live on 16:30 UTC time, Thursday, January 13, 2022.










1 Trillion supply

Broached CryptoBerry with Fixed supply of 1 Trillion Berry Tokens.


After your latest buy or sell, tokens cannot be sold within 24 hours, which in turn will help in sustaining the market cap.

Dynamic Sell Tax

The more you hold, the less tax you pay on sell.

If a buyer holds the token for 10 months, tax get reduced up to 5% on sell.

Locked Liquidity

Liquidity has been locked forever. This is done with renounce ownership.

Lock Certificate link

50% Burned

500 Billions has been burned, more has been planned on regular basis.

Buy Tax: 10%

Total Buy tax is 10%, 5% goes to Marketing, Development and Donation, 5% goes to Auto Liquidity.

2% Max wallet.

A Single wallet can hold maximum up to 2% of supply. This will help to sustain Market Capital.

0% transfer Tax

CryptoBerry has been made for future transfer, so there is no tax on normal account transfer.

Invest in CryptoBerry today!

The more you hold, the less tax you pay on sell, this is idea behind Dynamic tax, first ever time in the history of Digital Crypto Tokens.

Grab your Berries here.

Dynamic Tax.

Dynamic Tax says if you don't make any sell for 2 months, tax gets reduced from 10% to 9%. When you hold it till 4 months, it becomes 8% payable tax and it keeps decreasing till 5% when you hold your coins for complete 10 months.


Amount will be locked for 24 hours after your latest buy/sell, you may buy further but you can sell after 24 hours.

How to Buy

CryptoBerry is available on PancakeSwap, click Buy Now button

Step1: Install Metamask/Trustwallet

Download any wallet from below link and install in your browser or phone.

Create your account. If you already have one, then import your account.

Go to Binance doc for detailed info.

Or Simply click below add network button after installing MetaMask.

Step2: Transfer BNB to new account

After creating new account in Metamask, transfer BNB from old account(Binance/Huobi/etc) to newly created/imported Metamask account.

Ensure to select network as Binance Smart Chain(BEP-20).

Step3: Go to PancakeSwap

Connect your Metamask/Trustwallet to PancakeSwap.

*it will ask your permission.

Step4: Swap CryptoBerry with BNB

Enter your desired amount of CryptoBerry you want to buy.

Set your Slippage Tolerance to 12%.

Click Swap.

Congratulations! Now you own CryptoBerries.


  • Phase1 • Idea Creation
    • Website
    • Marketing Push
    • Reach 5000 wallets
    • CMC, CGK listing
  • Phase2 • 50000 Wallets
    • 1M Market Capital
    • CryptoBerry Bridge Launch
  • Phase3 • 10M Market Capital
    • 100K wallets
    • CryptoBerry App Launch
    • CryptoBerry Wallet
  • Phase4 • Listing on exchanges
    • Large Community
    • Expand Token on cross chain platform


As members of a task-oriented Team we exhibited interdependence and all of us felt a personal responsibility for the team's outcome.

Mahipal Singh

CEO and Blockchain Developer

Sonal Naik

Product Manager and Blockchain Developer

Atul Verma

CTO and Blockchain Developer

Ayushi Saraogi

Marketing Head